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Average 2minutes. We understand the importance of time for each of the respondents. So each survey is meticulously designed with 8-12 questions. All questions are MCQs ( multiple choice questions), so answering them is as easy as reading all options and choosing your closest answer.
We divide larger Surveys into multiple parts…..so you own rewards separately for answering each part.

A respondent can first choose his desired reward from the Coupon category and win it by responding to the attached survey.
As soon as the survey is submitted, the coupon for chosen reward is added to the Wallet under “pending for redemption”. Coupons will be eligible for usage as per the individual coupon guidelines till the expiry date mentioned thereon. 
The respondents can enjoy their coupons almost immediately after submitting the survey…. So practically within 5 minutes

This will depend on the individual reward offered by the coupon issuing partner. However, most of the rewards are immediately added as coupons to your BolDe Wallet and can be redeemed instantaneously at the partner outlet.
Only a very few coupons require multiple confirmations before redemption.
In your Wallet, you can even accumulate your coupons and redeem them at your convenience, but before their expiry dates.

Yes, you can write and send us your blogs, which can be published in BolDe Blogs under your name.

Yes, you can access it under “Reports and Analysis” section , but only if the Business Owner of the survey allows it to be shared with 
After a stipulated period of 1year, all Surveys and reports will be accessible to all BolDe members.

Your individual responses for any survey will never be shared with anybody.
In fact non of your information you share with BolDe will ever be shared with any third party without your clear consent.
Detailed privacy policy attached in the app n website

Yes you can choose from a wide variety of Surveys. Presently there are 12 categories of Surveys to choose from. Newer and interesting categories will keep adding.
You can not only choose your surveys from Survey Category but also what reward to earn from Coupons Category.

Automation Testing is a software testing technique that performs using special automated testing software tools to execute a test case suite. On the contrary, Manual Testing is performed by a human sitting in front of a computer carefully executing the test steps.